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St. Andrew's
     Episcopal Church
South Carrollton Avenue at Zimple Street, New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 866-1023
"STAIR" Start the Adventure in Reading
Serves students from Batiste Academy, Johnson Elementary and other schools on Saturday mornings, 9:30-12 Noon during the school year at the Chalstrom Parish House. STAIR is a tutorial program in reading for second grade students from nearby Public Schools. A short training course is required. Parishioners are encouraged to participate.

To learn more about STAIR click here.

Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR) is seeking volunteers for the St. Andrew’s STAIR Site on Saturday mornings at Chalstrom House. We have an exciting new curriculum that puts a strong emphasis on the tutor reading to our at-risk second graders. The tutor and child will read favorite children’s books together and use an easy to follow professional curriculum. The bond that forms between the tutor and child strengthens the learning process. For further information visit www.stairnola.org or call the STAIR office, 504-899-0820. 

STAIR tutor training sessions are held at St. Andrew's Chalstrom House in the fall and spring and a variety of other locations throughout the greater New Orleans area. 

If you love reading and enjoy working with young children then you have the only two requirements needed to become a STAIR tutor. The STAIR tutoring program is set up for volunteers with a broad variety of backgrounds. Many of our STAIR tutors do not have an education background but only one training class is needed to acquaint volunteers with STAIR’s professionally designed, user-friendly curriculum.

Once the tutor is trained, s/he give one or two afternoons (MW or TuTh) or one Saturday morning a week for fun one-on-one interactive sessions with second grade students. Each site has a specially trained Site Director who works with the tutors and students to ensure a successful tutoring experience for all.

​For information on tutoring please contact: Elizabeth Artigues